Sign up and start the engines. Be a part of the Wiggle Family

Sign up and start the engines. Be a part of the Wiggle Family

Stay updated with upcoming events and experiences in Cape Town.

Our cars are your cars.
Membership gives you flexible access to the Wiggle fleet on a monthly subscription basis. A sports convertible when you’re dressed to impress – a luxury SUV for a family affair or a MINI Cooper for everyday errands. Wiggle will give you the flexibility to make every driving moment something special.

Part of the family.
Come to all and any of our Wiggle signature events and parties. Enjoy invites to many more Wiggle associated events. Participate in monthly breakfast and lunch runs. Get Wiggle discounts for top-class accommodations, adventure and culinary experiences. Meet people from around the world. Make new friends, have fun and have the opportunity to network. Wiggle Members will be immediately entered into any competitions and stand a chance of winning prizes.

Strictly limited.
This is going to be an exclusive club. Membership will be strictly limited to ensure you can get what you want when you want it. Your Wiggle Membership card will be a VIP pass to a thrilling and evolving horizon of opportunity.

Wiggle Lounge.
Come chill in our space. Use our WIFI, drop in for a chat. Have a coffee or a cocktail, Meet with your friends or colleagues. We are located in one of the most central vibrant parts of town.

We do offer you the option of borrowing kilometers against the next calendar month in the event of overrun. You can also carry unused kilometres forward at a rate of 50%.

12,500 rand per month including VAT (minimum 3 months, notice 30 days). Gives access to 600 kms for category A, 1200 kms for category B, with a minimum of 100 kms per day. So up to 6 days/month category A, 12 days/ month category B. Kilometers in either category are interchangeable at a rate of 2:1. Packages can be customized.

Category A
Jaguar F Types
JEEP Rubicon
Ford Mustang 5.0 V8
Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Land Rover Discovery
Jaguar F Pace

Category B
BMW 220i
MINI Cooper Convertibles
JEEP Wranglers
Mercedes Benz E-Class
Audi A5
Audi A3
BMW 330ci
Mazda Mx5

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